Cambridge Mask Packaging Gets Eco-Friendly Makeover

It’s sleek, it’s chic, it’s environmentally on fleek:

It’s the new PRO mask packaging!

Everybody knows that green is the new black. It’s certainly no secret that environmentalism is the hot topic of our time, and rightly so. With an ever-growing population, humanity is putting increasing pressure on the natural world and its finite resources. So here at Cambridge Mask, we couldn’t be more proud to be reducing our carbon footprint. We are so excited to introduce our newly improvedeco-friendly PRO mask range packaging.

As always, the feedback from our valued customers is essential to our business. After hearing your requests for environmentally conscious alternatives, we embarked upon a year-long process of research and development. Our newly sustainable and premium product packaging is a smooth, light-weight, and convenient home for your PRO mask when you are not wearing it. Developed from recycled cardboard and eco-friendly paper, our upgraded design allows us to take an environmentally responsible step forward. Given that our masks serve so many battling polluted air around the world, we know that our business, in particular, must serve as a good example to others.

This action toward being mindful of manufacturing and packaging waste does not mean we have had to compromise on quality. The new packaging is even water-resistant. You can throw it in your backpack, handbag or case and head outside without needing to worry about damage. For the rest of us who are just trying to do our best, it’s a splash-resistant container to throw in our backpack while cycling to work wearing our mask.

To ensure that your mask arrives on your doorstep in perfect condition, it will be sealed in a small protective bubble wrap pouch. You can check the authenticity of your product by looking out for our Cambridge Mask logo displayed on the box.

Should you decide not to keep our beautifully designed new package,it is made of 100% fully recyclable material. Although, before you put it in your recycling bin, let’s take a second to review the important information the packaging contains.

What’s in the PRO Packaging?

User Manual Guide

The User Manual Guide is designed for both new and experienced Cambridge Mask customers. You will find important information about usage guidelines, and step-by-step instructions on how to fit your mask. If you are pre-order masks from us and you have not, download the User Manual Guide, you may refer to this link for download it.

PRO Mask

Our sustainability-minded PRO packaging will only be shipped along with our PRO mask range. Our PRO ranges come in a variety of fashionable designs and sizes to suit the whole family. Cambridge Mask PRO is so much more than a flashy accessory for your face.

The Cambridge Mask PRO combines style with leading filtration technology developed by the British military. Cambridge Mask Company has the global exclusive rights to the material for use in consumer pollution masks. Get your PRO Masks here.

Head-strap and Nose Foam

Returning customers will be delighted to discover that our PRO range now ships with a complimentary head-strap. This handy addition can help you to make the mask more adjustable and comfortable. The masks alone are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort while creating an effective seal against your face. However, heads, faces, ears, and noses come in all shapes and sizes.

The additional strap may be useful in relieving the pressure of the straps pulling on your ears and helping to create a snug fit. Simply connect it to the left ear loop and the right ear loop, then pull it over your head while positioning the mask on your face. If the mask is too big, then you may also adjust the head-strap and/or the toggles on the chin part, as well as the nose clip to ensure your mask is comfortable and secure.

Thank you for supporting our business and we hope you enjoy our new products as much as we do. As always, we welcome all feedback from our Cambridge Mask community, so let us know what you think!