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Is Your Mask Fogging Up Your Glasses? Say No More!

Face masks and or face coverings are being recommended for use on a widespread basis. Depending on where you live, it may be compulsory to wear one on public transport and in some public spaces, so this has become an essential part of everyday life. Whilst this is an adjustment for each and every one of us, for those who need to wear glasses it’s proving that little bit more frustrating…

For people with glasses, wearing a mask can lead to their lenses fogging and consequently reducing their vision. As you breathe out, your warm breath shoots upwards out the top of the mask. When it hits the colder lens, it cools down, forming condensation, or fogging. From constantly wiping your glasses throughout the day, to moisture causing them to slip down your nose, we understand how challenging this added stress can be.

Having to keep on taking off your glasses to wipe them clear, and putting them back on again, is an infection risk. So preventing or minimising fogging is the key!

There are multiple steps you can take to stop your spectacles steaming up when wearing a mask. By following these instructions, you can avoid foggy lenses and get the clarity you’re seeking. You won’t need to wipe the steam off your glasses several times a day and will be able to go about your business without being constantly distracted. Here are our top tips:

Get the Perfect Fit

Fogginess happens when warm air hits cool surfaces. This results in condensation. Your glasses can fog up due to your warm breath escaping via the top of your mask before hitting the lenses. You can prevent foggy glasses by making sure your mask fits correctly. This is why it’s so important to purchase the right size of mask for your needs. The mask should fit securely over your nose so the warm air cannot escape and will not reach your glasses.

Considering Purchasing Accessories

Nose clips and earloop bands can also help you overcome mask fogging issues as it is all about the FIT of your mask. If earloops make you feel uncomfortable due to their direct contact with your frames, you can opt for a headstrap instead. Nose Clips are another advised accessory; these serve several purposes: they make the masks more effective (because less moisture can escape), make them more comfortable, and they help prevent your breath from hitting your glasses.

Give Your Glasses A Wash!

They might not be dirty or even need a wash but give your glasses a wash with soap and water (such as regular washing up liquid), then dry them with a microfibre cloth. This type of cloth typically comes free with each pair of glasses. You can also buy cheap microfibre cloths from most optometrists. Facial tissues may leave lint, which attracts moisture to the lenses. Soap reduces surface tension, preventing fog from sticking to the lenses.

How the Cambridge Mask Can Help

We can come to the rescue if you are looking for a high-quality mask that won’t leave you with foggy or steamed up lenses. Our Cambridge Mask comes complete with an adjustable nose clip and earloop, as well as a headstrap to help you achieve optimal comfort. Many of our spectacle-wearing customers have left us positive reviews after using the Cambridge Mask as they have helped prevent their glasses from steaming up. If you are a glasses wearer and need to find the right solution, why not take a closer look at the Cambridge Mask today?

Headstrap and Nose Foam

Designed to optimise mask fit, it is included as part of our PRO packages. The pack includes head strap clips for each ear loop which go around the head to reduce ear strain and deliver a tighter fit around the nose and chin. The nose foam can be placed inside the nose section of the mask to enhance comfort and stop your glasses fogging up.

An Innovative Solution

Cambridge Masks come complete with a pioneering filtration system consisting of particulate filtering layers alongside military-grade carbon. Offering almost 100% protection from particulate pollution including PM2.5 and PM0.3, they have played a pivotal role in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 over recent months.

Stylish and Efficient

Our masks are designed with style and efficiency in mind. There are many designs to choose from, making it easy for you to identify solutions that fit your visual preferences. Our products have been seen on many news stations such as BBC, New York Times, and Washington Post.

Choosing the right fit with an adjustable mask in hand is the best solution to avoid mask fogging. We offer not only a right-fit mask but also best protection to keep you safe and well. Anywhere, anytime.